Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Welcome to Butterfly Village where Nationwide Children's Hospital NICU families can: 
  • Find resources
  • Get information on events
  • Learn about current NICU research and studies
  • Provide feedback 
  • Ask questions
  • Learn more about what is happening in the NICU and learn from the experiences of others

How you talk to others in Butterfly Village is not that different from the way you would talk to others in real life. But there are some things you should be mindful of in an online environment:

  • Post only information that you are comfortable with others seeing — and knowing — about you.
  • Posting in all caps is the same as SHOUTING.
  • Don't use offensive language, be rude, use hate speech, or harass or spam other members
  • No selling, solicitation, advertisement, or promotion of products or services is permitted on the Network.  This is a place to engage with other members in a positive way, not sell your stuff.
  • Don't upload copyrighted or illegal materials that don’t belong to you. Don't upload a picture that you wouldn't show your children — that means no pictures of nudity, or sexual content, violence, weapons, etc.
  • Don’t upload any information that you know (or should know) to be false, deceptive or misleading.  
  • Don’t upload any information that could be used for identity theft purposes, such as social security numbers, credit card, bank account or other financial information. 
  • When you become a member, you must be a parent or legal guardian of a Nationwide Children's Hospital NICU patient or former NICU patient. 
  • Think about the privacy of others and don’t upload any information that belongs to someone else or that someone else might consider to be private or sensitive information. 
  • Although Butterfly Village is a private community, please understand you are submitting content that could be available to the public. 
  • If there is an issue you’d like to report, flag the content or action and send a message to Please note that while Nationwide Children's Hospital and Butterfly Village has no obligation to delete content that you find personally objectionable or offensive, we will do our best to address any problems that may arise.
  • When there is a violation of our guidelines below, we may:
  1. Provide a warning to the offender
  2. Delete some or all of the content
  3. Temporarily or permanently terminate the offending member’s account (we don’t want to, so don’t make us)

Things to Remember

  • This site is for adults only, 18 and older. 
  • This site is only for the parents/legal guardians of current or former Nationwide Children's Hospital NICU patients.  
  • Nationwide Children's Hospital and Butterfly Village are not responsible for the content provided by users on the site, and the content provided by users is their opinion and not that of Nationwide Children's Hospital and Butterfly Village.  
  • Use common sense when reading any recommendations or advice and always consult a professional (e.g., your doctor, tax accountant, lawyer, etc.) when making any important decisions.
  • Our guidelines will evolve over time and we reserve the right to modify or change these guidelines without notice.

That’s it!  Thanks for joining us!